An Excerpt From Stacy’s Room, the latest from Lianah Morgan

stacy's room amazon sizeFrom my latest release, Stacy’s Room

Stacy nodded again. The buzzing sound came back. Without even unbuttoning her shorts, Mr. McCormick slipped the vibrator down into her panties, positioning it precisely against her clit. The tight shorts kept the vibrator snugly in place and Stacy flailed, unable to handle the sensation mixed with Mr. McCormick actually being in her room, inches away.

Without warning, he took Stacy roughly by the wrist and bent her arm behind her back.

“Give me the other one, you naughty slut,” Mr. McCormick ordered. Obediently, Stacy placed her other hand behind her back. Silk rubbed against silk again as he bound her hands behind her with what Stacy assumed was another piece of black fabric identical to the one covering her eyes. With both hands tied behind her back, her eyes blindfolded, and the little vibrator buzzing snugly against her clit, Stacy could barely contain the orgasm she felt was finally near. Her body trembled and shook, and remaining upright became an arduous task. Mr. McCormick loomed over her.

“Don’t you dare come, little girl. Show Daddy that you have some self-control.”

Stacy tried hard to comply, but her body was hungry for release and she couldn’t stop herself from quaking. The vibrator buzzed against her silken folds and her panties became soaked with the wetness gushing forth from her throbbing pussy. Stacy gritted her teeth and did her best to stave off her climax, but it was impossible. Waves of pleasure wracked her body. Unable to take it anymore, she cried out and doubled over in pleasure, feeling guilty all the while. Her arms struggled against their bonds as Stacy tried in vain to reach around and remove the vibrator from her panties before it drove her insane.

At last, Mr. McCormick wrapped his arms around Stacy’s waist and stood her upright. He slid his hand down into her shorts and removed the vibrator, clicking it off as he did so. Stacy kept trembling, out of anticipation or guilt—she wasn’t sure.

“What did Daddy tell you, Stacy?”

“Not to come. I’m so sorry Daddy, I tried—”

“No excuses. I’m afraid I’m going to have to discipline you. Self-control is going to be very important for you in the coming years, Stacy.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she whimpered.

She heard him plunk down on a cardboard box behind her. Unable to see or move her hands, Stacy wasn’t entirely sure what to do next. She stood where she was, awkwardly wobbling to keep her balance, until Mr. McCormick grabbed her by the bonds that held her wrists together and pulled her toward him. He reached around to unfasten her shorts and then tugged them down around her thighs.

“Bend over Daddy’s lap, little girl,” he commanded.


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