#SatSpanks – June 14th






Excerpt from ‘Stacy’s Room,’ the upcoming sequel to ‘Stacy and the Father of the Bride:’

“Unable to see or move her hands, Stacy wasn’t entirely sure what to do next until Mr. McCormick grabbed her by the bonds that held her wrists together and pulled her toward him. He reached around to unfasten her shorts and then tugged them down around her thighs.

“Bend over Daddy’s lap, little girl,” he commanded.

Stacy moved one bare foot to feel out exactly where he was and then bent over Mr. McCormick’s lap. She was wearing the same black lace panties she’d worn to Amber’s wedding, which seemed fitting. With no way to know what Mr. McCormick was doing, Stacy couldn’t help but brace herself for impact. She clenched her buttocks—mostly involuntarily—and waited. Just as she began to relax, Mr. McCormick’s hand struck her bottom with a loud smack. ”


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5 thoughts on “#SatSpanks – June 14th

  1. Interesting snippet, Lianah. Maybe next week you could give us a little more info as to the set up. I gather she’s blindfolded, but I’m not sure what it is she did wrong. More please.

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